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SH style-condensate backwater device

Based on our over ten years’ experience, our professionals have designed ‘condensate backwater device’. This product is a device of ‘high temperature condensed water closed recovery unit’, suitable for various kinds of operation under different conditions, and which is built based on technology of recent abroad ‘liquid-liquid injection’、‘air pressure type backwater’. Its patent no:00205209.1, and it has passed the provincial appraisal. In order to make the equipment operation simple to manage, we’ve set reasonable system configuration. To ensure that the product has realized the operating intelligence, and automatic operation mode. And the state science and technology commission, the state environmental protection administration and so on which five ministries and commissions have approved it as ‘national new product’ and ‘provincial high-tech product’.

Suitable range
It is suitable for recycling and reusing high temperature condensate water which produced by heat consumption equipment of various kinds of industrial mining and enterprises.

work theory
When high temperature condensate water get into the flash tank, the tank starts to separate water and steam, and the condensate water flow into storage tank through quick exhaust, then the secondary steam through the ejector is sent to condensate water outlet pump, which makes flash steam be reclosed recycled; due to both steam and liquid being continuously eliminated within the flash tank, which makes the pressure of flash tank always keeps below heat consumption equipment; all these features ensure that the backwater’ back pressure smoothly enter even in its low pressure condition.

Apply pump backwater, no ‘cavitations’
Condensate pump itself provides energy for recycling flash secondary steam
Make steam pipe network recovery system more energy-saving and safe
High degree automation, long service life, good economic return, small volume, convenient installation

Equipment selection
According to the condition and inlet temperature, this SH-style condensate backwater apparatus can be divided into three categories: Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ, each category according to return water(0.5-150t/h one-piece equipment complex) is divided into 20 different specifications.       

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