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The air floating is one ideal solid-liquid separation and purification device, and already widely applied in water treatment.

Application scope:
Heavy metal ion in electro-plating, such as chrome, Zinc, Copper and Lead etc.
Chromaticity, COD and BOD removing in dyeing wastewater
Food and leather waste water treatment
Paper wastewater treatment

Working principal:
The working principal of the air-floating device is that under certain conditions, dissolve lots of air in the water to form air-dissolved water as working media. The air releaser will release the pressure quickly, the produced plenty of air bubbles will adsorb to the flog produced in coagulation reaction, float the flog, so that remove the pollutants in water rapidly.
Equipment composition:  Chemical dosing and coagulation part, backflow water dissolved air releasing part, air floating part, electrical control part
Treatment capacity: 5-200m3/h. 
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