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Brief view
Based on summary of recent home and abroad steam exhaust muffler experience, we’ve pushed the second generation, which is a quite effective device working on environmental protective and exhaust noise pollution preventive, including LV/MV type steam exhaust muffler、 FS type fan muffler、CS type air exhaust muffler and YC type flue gas muffler.

Applicable range
LV type steam exhaust silencer is for power station boiler、industry boiler、steam turbine、steam generator and other steam equipment and steam pipelines of air exhaust.
MV type steam exhaust muffler is mainly used in safety valve steam exhaust of various kinds of steam boilers、steam equipment and steam pipelines.
FS type fan muffler is mainly for power station boiler、industry boiler、heating furnace and equipment ventilation and blower entry of factory building’s ventilation, to eliminate the noise of fan entrance.
CS type air exhaust muffler is mainly used for various kinds of compressed air exhaust noise elimination, and it can also used for other compressed gas, such as nitrogen、oxygen、ammonia and other gas emission silencing.
YC style flue gas muffler is mainly used for various kinds of flue has in the high-speed flow of the noise.

Work theory
According to the steam flow characteristics of itself, we design the steam as no noise or rarely producing noise , noise elimination level above 40-50 decibels; FS type fan muffler is aimed at eliminating both air flow and fan blade blowing air, eliminating noise level above 25-30db(A); CS type air exhaust muffler noise elimination quantity above 40 db(A); YC type flue gas muffler applies inserted type silencer device insert into the flue  and through the sound absorbing material change its audio, so as to achieve the purpose of noise elimination.
LV、MV type steam muffler’s energy can be released under the situation of no noise or noise rarely produced.
Using new patented technology structure, solving the problem of improving muffler noise elimination effect from both practice and theory perspectives and make muffler’s noise elimination level increased 45db(A).
We achieved patent in 1989, and our muffler is better than all other types of the present domestic products.
FS type fan muffler has big air volume, small resistance, good noise elimination effect.
CS type air exhaust muffler can satisfy 《the national standard of noise boundary of industrial enterprises》.
YC type flue gas muffler is simple, safe, easy installation, quick and its silencing quantity is up to 25db(A).

Equipment selection
According to users’ exhaust steam flow and pressure, generally we can provide steam quantity 1-350T/H with suitable product temperature and operating mode, and we will select suitable product specifications for our customers.
If you need detailed information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.

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