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A. Aerobic fluid bed process introduction

The aeration biochemical fluid bed is one new aerobic biological treatment method, it combines the advantages of common active sludge method and biological membrane method, and also combines with fluid bed technology, so it has advantages of high volumetric load, fast biological decomposition speed, less area occupied, saving investment and low operation costs etc, is the most advanced aerobic biological treatment method. Our aeration biological fluid bed takes the solid cylinder hollow fillers as carriers in the bed, and the aeration makes the waste water flow in certain speed, make the carriers in fluid statue, so no need to equip the frill device. Since the fillers in the tank have large apparent surface, is almost 16-20times of common biochemical tank ( in same unit volume). So the tank should keep high biomass, so that achieve the aim of removing the organic pollutants in high speed.

B. Process characteristics

a. The new-type small-size floating fillers provide huge apparent area for microbial, keep biomass in the fluid bed in high concentration (40-50g/l), improve the volumetric load of fluid bed (for 6-10kgBOD/m3.d).

b. High concentration biomass and good transfer make the aerobic fluid bed in good treatment effect, and meanwhile reduce the fluid bed volume, save the investment, and take up less area.

c. Strong ability in anti impact, no sludge expansion exists.

d. Fluid bed biochemical reaction in fast speed, good transfer effect.

e. The porous aerator is equipment with guide cone, and take aeration air as driving force, make use of the density difference between the inner and outer cone to form the fluid, so no need the special fluid equipment, save the investment. From the above, we can find that this product can substitute the active sludge method, especially suit for medium and high concentration industrial waste water treatment, it can save the investment, take up less area, and high treatment efficiency, so this product has a good future.
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