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RDGN type low layout/ RGGN type high arrangement multi-function heat deaerator

Brief view
According to the patent technology ‘full load and multi-function thermal deaerator’(patent no. ZL98 2 02527.0), we’ve developed both RDGN type low and high position multi-function thermal deaerator, solved 2 big problems that the thermal type deaerator can only be high positioned and it would lose oxygen removing function if processing under low load.
Processing quantity 25T/H low arrangement multi-function heat type deaeratorApplicable range
Suitable for industrial and civil steam boiler room, especially for industrial and civil steam boiler house of load changes a lot in winter and summer. It will protect boiler from oxygen corrosion and improves boilers’ life span.

Processing quantity 200T/H low arrangement multi-function heat type deaerator

Work theory
Our deaerator operation mode: through the automation nozzle or water mist spine by membrane tube, heat is fully exchanged with rising steam, therefore oxygen is removed as the first time; and then through inside filler, the water of the first oxygen removing process be formed as a turbulent flow, then become the secondary deep oxygen remove, therefore a good process result is formed, and oxygen remove water then enter into the oxygen remove tank.

Export oxygen remains below 0.01mg/L
Low position arrangement, save construction cost
Pressure、liquid level automatic adjustment and control
Equipped with a very low NPSH performance and cavitations preventive water pump
Has good oxygen removing function within low load range and solved oxygen removing failure problem when load is low.
Switch according to the load size to ensure that all water that get through oxygen remover, including soft water、hydrophobic、low temperature condensate water can be heat until saturation state, so that the water dissolved oxygen can be separated and eliminated and to achieve the best deaerating effect.
Equipment selection
can provide 1-400T/H one-set equipment for customers and we can choose the best economic plan according to their specific needs as well.
If you need detailed information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.

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