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Sewage Disposal Equipment
SH style high efficient automatic water purifier

Brief view
SH efficient automatic water purifying plant is our developed series’ new product, process quantity of each set: 10-200T/H. This series is mixed with technology of flocculation、sedimentation、blow down、 recoil and water filtration, no labor watch, complete automatic mode, and it could be a purifying station with full functions if additionally equip with our ZJ type automatic device and disinfection device.
Applicable range
Mainly used in villages and towns、stations、wharf、industrial and mining enterprises、building and outdoor work and so on.
pplicable for the rivers and lake, reservoir water、groundwater, etc. water suspended matter acuities≤5mg/L.

Processing 1200T/H purifier device operation view
Work theory
Raw water enter purifier through water intake pump station, by flocculation、reaction precipitation and filtration, the final outlet water turbidity is less than 5mg/L. The whole reaction process finishes internal the equipment.
flocculation, reaction, clarification, filtering and other process integrated
little self-consumable water, save power consumption, small area cover
save water、electricity and labor, save the auxiliary machine pump and facilities
Advanced technology, creative design, compact structure and simple management

equipment selection
Equipment regulation and size can be decided based on customers’ needs (in design book of 10-200t/h series)
If you need detailed information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.

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