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Desalination equipment and general contracting project

Brief view
We will design desalination processing station according to customers’ requirements. We process surface water、river water、groundwater and water filtration purification, which reducing turbidity、 water hardness、water ion content and achieving technological requirements of water quality. Guangyang has EPC ability and qualification of turnkey project.

Processing quantity 800T/H desalination station view

Applicable range
For all kinds of industrial and mining enterprises、village-towns、hotels and so on of life water and industry water consumption quality.

Processing quantity 1600T/H desalination station view

Work theory
According to different customers’ needs of water quality, we will offer the best optimization process to ensure that the users with the smallest cost to achieve maximum benefit.

Typical technology
Raw water→ water tank→ original water pump→ filter→ cation exchanger →carbon removal device →middle water storage→middle water pump→anion exchanger→mixed ion exchanger→desalination storage→desalination pump→users
Raw water→water tank→original water pump→UF device →precision filter  high pressure pump→RO device→carbon remover→middle water storage→  middle water pump→EDI device→pure water storage→pure water pump→ users

700T/H desalination station view
performance advantages
Advanced technology, mature craft, stable operation
Manual, automatic operation, simple management operat
Cheap cost of management、operation and maintenance
Stable outlet water quality and long life span

Processing quantity 1000T/H ion law except brine station, operating view

Processing quantity 1000T/H desalination station outside view

Equipment style selection
We can choose the best and most economic equipment according to customers’ requirements on water consumption and water pump quality, no matter how much the equipment and engineering investment or operation cost could be, we will minimize them to meet users’ requirements.。

Processing quantity 1000T/H desalination station view
If you need detailed information, please do not be hesitated to contact us.

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