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Highly effective fibrous bundle filter

    The non- pouch type highly effective textile fiber filter is one kindof structure advanced, the performance fine pressure type textilefiber filter, it new used one kind to tie the shape soft padding ━textile fiber achievement to filter the Yuan, it filtered the materialdiameter to be possible to amount to several dozens microns evenseveral microns, and had the relative surface to accumulate in a bigway, the filtration resistance was small and so on the merit, solvedgranular has filtered the material to filter the precision to filterquestion and so on material particle size limit. Small filters thematerial diameter, enormously increased has filtered the material therelative surface to accumulate with the surface increasedin the water the impurity pellet with to filter the material thecontact opportunity and filters the material the adsorptive capacity,thus enhanced the filter efficiency and the truncation dirty capacity. Ties the shape textile fiber for the full display to filter thematerial the special skill, is equipped with in the filter filter bedlower extremity may change the textile fiber density the activeorifice adjusting device. Equipment when movement, the water supremelypasses the filter bed from under. This time, active orifice adjustingdevice upward movement. After the textile fiber pressurizes, thefilter bed gradually enlarges along the water flow direction density,the corresponding filter bed hole diameter and the hole graduallyreduced, realizes the in-depth to filter. When the filter bed ispolluted must clean the regeneration, the clear washing water from onto under passes the filter bed. By now, the active orifice adjustingdevice automatic drop, caused the textile fiber to pull open punishesat the same time to relaxes the condition, then conveniently carriedon the clean. The non- pouch type highly effective textile fiber filter mayeffectively remove in the water the suspension, and adds water theorganic matter, the colloid, the iron, the manganese and so on hasobviously removes the function. It has the filtration rate quickly,the precision high, the truncation dirty capacity big, the ease ofoperation, the movement is reliable, does not need merit and so onspecial maintenance, but widely applies to the electric power, thepetroleum, the chemical industry, the metallurgy, the papermaking, thespinning and weaving, food, the drink, the running water, the swimmingpool and so on each kind of process water and the domestic water andits the waste water filters processing.

         Main characteristic ] In the water suspension removeing rate may approach 100%. Whenafter the good coagulation processing natural water, the turbidity is20FTU, filters the water leakage turbidity to be possible to besmaller than two. Generally is 30m/h, is traditional filter 3 ~ 5 times. Generally is 5 ~ 10kg/m3 (filters material), is traditional filter 2 ~4 times.
        The system takes the same water volume, only is the traditionalfilter 1/3 ~ 1/2. The ton water construction cost is lower than the traditional filter. Only is the cyclical system water volume 1 ~ 3%, in the ordinarycircumstances may use the original water to carry on instead washes. Filters the Yuan to be possible to duplicate regenerates the use, itslong-term usage life is not lower than for 10 years. [ Performance standard ] Non- pouch type highly effective textile fiber filter mainperformance and standard table.

[ Installment ]
The equipment places in the level foundation, firmly arrangeswith the foot bolt or welds in gives buries in the foundation on theanchor plate. After the equipment setup its horizontal deflection doesnot have to be bigger than 5mm. After the equipment setup adjusts, then installs various orificesvalve and exterior connection pipeline. The valve and before thepipeline installment, should is clean the pipeline internal surfaceand the flange joint face cleaning up, prevents the rust and thegreasy dirt and so on the dirty pollution filter bed. The equipment workshop may arrangethe type to dump pollutantsthe ditch, the ditch upper opening covers with the lap. The equipment lets in air the main pipe to have to be higher than thefilter the peak, prevented when clean operation fault the water butactually flows in the Luo tribulus air blower, if is unable to achievewhen request, should install the check valve on the air-vent tube. Maintenance of equipment and matters needing attention
(1) the textile fiber filters the material performance and thereplacement cycle The highly effective textile fiber filter selects filters thematerial is one kind of polymer chemistry fibrous material, filters inthe absorbed water the suspension by the surface physisorptionprimarily, after adsorption slime, but the water used and the airscour physical method regeneration. This kind of materialheat-resisting temperature is 106 ~ 127 ℃, and the non- oxidizedacid has the very strong inoxidizability to each kind of alkali,long-term usage life many in 10 years.
(2) matters needing attention A. possibly creates the water leakage water quality not goodreason:
(1) filter bed expiration
(2) cleans is not thorough
(3) enters Shui Daiqi
(4) the amount used is improper
(5) filters the speed of flow undulation too to be big
(6) the clear washing water entrance valve closure is lax
(7) takes a sample chemical examination plate out of true

 B. needs specially to clean situation:
Equipment in use process, when on the discovery textile fiber has themassive microorganisms reproduces or the adsorption massive greasydirt, needs specially to clean, after might use 2% NaOH solution tofilter the material to soak for 24 hours, then will carry on theclean. [ Enters, water leakage water quality ] Enters the water water quality: Suspension <= 20mg/L turbidity<= 20 F.T.U. Water leakage water quality: Suspension <= 1.0mg/L turbidity<= 1.0 F.T.U. Note: After front filters Shui Weijing the coagulation toclarify the infiltration water the clear water.
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