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SQ-type full-automatic filter

1. Outline:
"Filtration" is an indispensable technical link for water treatment today. The design of SQ-type full-automatic filter has inaugurated the new trend of filtration technology of the country. And all of its performances of water inflow, filtration, water outlet and back washing and sewage discharge are controlled by water force, which has realized full-automation and no necessary to arrange any operators for management. Therefore, the device has thoroughly substituted the various types of filters used for water treatment and manufactured in the country in dozens of years, with its special characteristics of saving water, labor and power, small occupied space and small quantity of sewage discharged etc. The invention of the device is an important breakthrough of filtration technology for water treatment in our country, that has exerted active roles for alleviating the deficiency of water resources of the country and providing reliable unit for industrial enterprises and mines of realizing automatic management. And no doubt, the timely application of such device will bring the country and enterprises huge economic, social and environmental benefits.
II. Wide Scope for Application:
SQ series full-automatic filtration device is mainly used to remove suspended granular foreign matter and solid matter in water so as to form its filtration through process of absorption and precipitation, providing all kinds of industry or household used water that is in conformity with different requirements.
(1) It is used as a kind of running water purification and filtration device in cities and towns, rural area and industrial enterprises and mines.
(2) It is used as a kind of by-pass filtration device for circulation water in the production process of petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, textile, medicine and light industry and mechanical manufacture etc.
(3) As a kind of purification device, it is used for high-grade guest house, villa, restaurant and shopping center and water scenic spot as well as swimming pool etc.
(4) As a kind of pretreatment device, it is used for water softening of boiler and water high-purification of power industry etc.
(5) As a kind of water supply and treatment device, it is used in foodstuff and beverage processing industries.
(6) It can be used as a kind of recovery and purification and filtration device for wastewater reuse system in the process of waste water treatment.

III. Advanced Technological Performances:
SQ type full-automatic filtration device is a non-electric control-type unit, its function of full-automation is realized by gravity and pressure of filtrating water and mechanical principle.
SQ type full-automatic filtration device is designed two types of gravity-type and pressure one. The following parameters are designed for gravity type, and the pressure one is shown in other diagram and if it is adopted by us, we'd like to offer you immediately.
1. saving raw water, high water output and water utilizing rate ≥97% (see details in the data material of Test of the National Water Supply & Drainage Engineering Standard & Technology Committee).
2. Back washing facility is not set, and the low working water head (0.06Mpa) saves over 20% of power consumption than that of any other filters of the country.
3. Its structure is simple, no necessary to set any matching facilities, saving pipe materials and construction base; it needs no special factory buildings, saving investment for capital construction, supplementary facilities and saving cost of installation.
4. Its main components are the state standard parts, the main unit is made of carbon steel and working parts stainless steel and copper material.
5. The quality of water outlet is between 0.5-10NTU, which can be adjusted by users according to different requirements.
6. See each table concerning other technical performances. 。(click the detailed data materials for reference)

IV. SQ1-10-100T/n External Diagram

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